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Short Film 

Short films, both narrative and documentary, of a personal nature. 


An experimental short film I shot with my Father, whom I have immense respect for. My intent with this project was to tell my Father's story via a Robert Frost poem, which perfectly encapsulates his life. Shot during the pandemic, I enjoyed the challenge of making a fairly basic location seem big and powerful. 


A piece I shot and directed as an ode to the city of Philadelphia.


The second film I shot and produced during the pandemic along with my production partner. Our aim with this project was to express our emotional state during the moment: one of anxiety, pent up energy, and hope. 


I shot, directed, and edited this short film as part of JTwo Film's 'Incubator' program for rising filmmakers. With a strong interest in the entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted this film to explore what drives someone to build their own kingdom from the ground up. The team at Mac Mart was a joy to work with! 

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