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Docustyle Production

I specialize in producing premium, story-driven video content that will engage your audience. I have deep experience in all aspects of production, from working with cameras, to directing talent, to editing your content in post. 

Stefanie's Story | SohoMD

Currently, pet custody laws are missing in 45 states, meaning a family pet will be treated as physical, inanimate property in the courts. SohoMD, a telehealth company based in New York City, approached me about creating a short documentary with the goal of bringing awareness to an issue they're passionate about. 

I produced, shot, and edited this project with a small team of collaborators.

The Greatest Collectors | Collectable

The first in a series of features detailing some of the world's most decorated sports memorabilia collectors. I was the sole editor of this project, weaving together 2.5 hours of interview footage into a 13 minute deep dive on Marshall Fogel, one of the true titans of the collecting world.

Huddle Up: Ian Garrison | National Lacrosse League

While at the National Lacrosse League I became fascinated by the experience of one of the most divisive and underappreciated characters in sports: the referee. Constantly derided, consistently misunderstood...I wanted to give the viewer a behind the scenes look at this enigmatic job. 

The Tournament: A History of ACC Men's Basketball | ESPN

'An examination of the storied ACC Basketball Tournament, as well as a look at the legendary players and coaches who have participated since the tournament began in 1954.'

As a block editor, I was tasked with editing a fifteen minute section of the documentary, where I focused on Duke's run to the title in 2010.

From the Start | Olympics

I was hired as a producer and director to help shepard this docuseries to completion. Told in five parts, this series shares the origin story of several athletes in the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

This project posed multiple challenges. Because we filmed this during a Covid wave, we were required to remotely direct multiple shoots in Europe, a first for my career. 

Personal Day | Whistle Sports, State Farm

I was hired to edit three episodes of this series where I was tasked with distilling a day's worth of footage from two cameras into a short and fun 'day in the life' style video. 

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