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Sometimes, photography is easy. Sometimes, the scene begs to be photographed and you’re at the whims of whatever is in front of you. Set up the tripod, engage the shutter, profit. This shot–a wide perspective of the western face of the peaks–was the easiest image to take of the trip. The light was great, the clouds dramatic…it speaks to the majesty of The Dolomites. 


This was also my favorite day in The Dolomites, our first full one at the Rifugio Auronzo (a small hostel/hotel tucked deep into the mountains). While I never really get tired of the stunning locations I’m fortunate to visit, you adapt and get used to it. That’s part of having a human brain. Hence, nothing beats day one, and while we had been in The Dolomites for a few days at this point, this was our first at perhaps the most famous location in the entire range. The very air seems to vibrate with possibility when you land in a new place. Your brain is as engaged as it can be. It’s overwhelming. 


A quick note about mountain travel in Europe: It rules. Last year I did a similar kind of trip in Norway. While by no means luxury, the experience is very communal. I’ve met people from across the globe on these trips. Your cell phones barely work so you’re forced to converse. Everyone’s goal is ultimately the same: see cool shit in an outrageous place. That’s the kind of communal experience I think is getting rarer these days, and something we should all seek out as much as possible. 

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