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These windmills, standing proud atop a hill that rises adjacent to the town of Consuegra, are the very ones thought to have been described by Miguel de Cervantes in his 17th century classic novel: Don Quixote. I’ve already waxed poetically about the feelings that standing amidst history evoke, but suffice to say this was also a spiritual experience. 


The biggest challenge here was finding the best framing to capture the windmills, which are all huge, and all placed quite close together in a long, snaking line. Landscape photography is all about making order out of chaos. Finding the order here was a fun challenge. While this is my favorite image (I think), take a look at some more below.

All three (not the selfie unfortunately) were considered for the calendar, but I ultimately chose the one you see because of the strong foreground element in the rocks. 

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