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Toledo is a beauitful city. Absolutely European to its core; packed with winding cobblestone roads, eccentric buildings, and great doors (Spain is the land of fabulous doors). I have in this series written about the breadth of old history in Europe (duh). Toledo is no different; the city is ancient. For my Lord of the Rings fans out there, Toledo is reminiscint of Minas Tirith; a city built around a mountain (in Toledo’s case, it’s more of a hill). 


In the middle ages, Toledo was the scene of a cultural fusion, with large Arab, Christian, and Jewish communities. Today, it is considered most represtative of Spanish culture and its historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. From the perspective of a traveler with little connection to Spain, it certainly felt like the quintisential Spanish city. 


Most of these images were taken from a viewpoint that’s a short drive and fun hike from the city proper. Please enjoy some additional images below that didn’t make the cut for the calendar:

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