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Podcast Work

The NFL Films Podcast - Producer
I produced and managed the NFL Films podcast for six months. Responsibilities included overseeing each episode recording, editing the podcast and promoting it across all social media platforms. I also contributed to the creative process every week. 
If you're curious about the quality and content of the podcast series, listen here
Keepers of the Flame - Producer & Host
In late 2016 the spark of an idea grabbed hold and wouldn't let go - an NFL Films podcast. After a few months of prodding and several promising test runs the first episode was launched on SoudCloud. 
The endeavor was a true learning experience, pushing my interviewing skills and organizational ability to the test. The product to the left is something I am very proud of. 
'Podcasting' is a growing medim, and one in which I'm striving to be a part of for years to come. 
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